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Bat Cookies

Bat Cookies

Mini Bat Halloween cookies – halloween sugar cookies

This listing is for our mini bat cookies. These cookies are about 2.3 by 1 inches. Each half dozen will have 3 with orange eyes and 3 with light green eyes.

Bat Halloween Cookies – 1 Dozen

Spooky fun bat cookies! Made from my buttery sugar cookie recipe.

Half Dz. Vampire Bat Cookies! Scouring the Night for food!

Dim: 4×1.75

Did You Know: Vampire bats are bats whose food source is blood, a dietary trait called hematophagy. These cookies are a great addition to any halloween party or Nocturnal Specialist Birthdays!

Halloween Bat cookies 1{Dozen}

Price includes one (1) dozen.

Each cookie is approximately 3 inches.

Halloween bat cookies.

Great for party.

Each cookie is hand decorated. I use only the highest quality ingredients in my baked goods.

Each cookie will be placed in a clear cellophane bag and tied with ribbon.

Halloween Bat Cookies 2 dozen

2 dozen custom cutout cookies. Each cookie is baked and hand decorated. The colors and design of the cookies can be changed to your desire.

Halloween bat sugar cookies

This listing is of sugar cookies decorated as Halloween bats. The bats are about 2 inches in length. You will receive a dozen within 3 to 5 business days and all cookies are shipped in a box.

Bat and Halloween Cookies, 1 dozen

Bat and Halloween cookies in varying patterns, colors, etc. (these are glam pumpkins, but can absolutely do orange or more traditional pumpkins/acorns/leaves/autumn cookies)

These delicious sugar cookies are great for any event!

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